Ask anyone who has taken my teacher training…

Strength - equal footingAsk anyone who has taken my teacher training: What is the most important yoga pose and you will hear a chorus: Samastitihi.

One of my very early teachers said that we were trying to find samastitihi in every pose. It took me years and much pondering to understand this.

Strength - equal footingStanding in a way where the weight bearing joints are stacked is key. I encourage students to understand what their personal body’s tendency is – do your hips naturally go into an anterior or posterior tilt; is your head tilted forward; are your shoulder blades lifted… and my favourite, do your front ribs lift while your back ribs sag.

Strength - equal footingVital next step – maintain this alignment with arms overhead.

Many students lose the core control and end up with front ribs lifting while dumping into lower back. If this becomes your habit while standing, it will be sure to carry into more demanding and greater load bearing poses. Do the work where you have the greatest chance of getting it right.

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