Free Live Streamed Online Yoga Classes

Online class from March 22, 2020

In these strange days, we’re all doing the best we can. If you can join me live for one of my Instagram Story classes, we’re happy to see you there, but if your attention is split – we’re uploading all the classes to our YouTube channel so you can practice at your convenience.

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Guest Feature: What Makes a Quality Yoga Teacher Training?

Gillian completed the 2013 Teacher Training Program that I directed for a number of years. In addition to being responsible for the syllabus, I taught a significant number of hours covering topics of asana, deconstruction and analysis; teaching skills and an intro to hands-on-adjusting. Gillian stood out as being authentic with a fairly clear concept … Read more Guest Feature: What Makes a Quality Yoga Teacher Training? »

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Introducing Mary Bond

With my 20 years of yoga practice and 18 years of teaching, the strengthening aspect of yoga has always been of interest to me. I came across Mary’s work through one of my courses and admired her approach to health and balance, read more …

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