Too Flexible

The Dangers of Hypermobility

When I was new to yoga and super stiff from 20 years of only running, I would be so envious of those that effortlessly stretched forward, back, around and wide into pretzel shapes. It took me time to appreciate the benefits of being tight and now I constantly tell those that like to berate themselves for being tight to be proud!

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Jumping - Strength Series

I always thought that if I continued to practice I would get stronger and be able to ‘float’ forward and back through my vinyasas. I sure gave it a good try with about 18 solid years of effort and numerous workshops where I thought I would discover the secret.

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Ask Christine – Shin Splints

Ask Christine - Shin Splints

Help! I have shin splints… what do I do now?

If you are experiencing tenderness, soreness or pain along the inner side of your shinbone you likely have shin splints. They are annoying but not to be ignored.

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Chaturanga – a lesson in strength

Chaturanga - a lesson in strength

Why do we need injuries to wake us up? After a week-end of hard core workshops my shoulders said enough with constant pain and more and more tightness. When I finally listened to my body I realized that I simply couldn’t avoid the facts – 18 years of practice and the thousands of chaturangas had played havoc with my shoulders. I needed to look outside the yoga box.

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Downward Dog – Wake it up!

Downward Dog - wake it up!

Downward dog is such an instructive and foundational pose. In my 20 years of teaching, I have spent an uncountable number of hours doing and analyzing this pose with a wide range of very senior and talented teachers. It is not an easy pose nor is it for resting!

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