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Introducing Mary Bond

With my 20 years of yoga practice and 18 years of teaching, the strengthening aspect of yoga has always been of interest to me. I came across Mary’s work through one of my courses and admired her approach to health and balance, read more …

Meet a Six Star Finisher

The Six Star Finisher Medal is one of the most exclusive race prizes in the running world. Meet our very own amazing Sharon Lindores who became a six star finisher at the Tokyo Marathon earlier this month. Read her story and be inspired!

Christine Felstead - Who is Christine

Who is Christine

Introducing Christine Felstead – where I came from to bring me to where I am now.

Introducing: 65plusStrong

Introducing 65plusStrong. Profiling people 65+ years that are animated, sparkle with life and that have maintained their fitness level in their own unique way.
First one introduces Kay Yardley – a role for those of all ages!

Retreaters having fun!

Why go to a Retreat?

Retreats have always held a special place in my heart – both as a student and as an instructor.

The Dangers of Hypermobility

Too Flexible

When I was new to yoga and super stiff from 20 years of only running, I would be so envious of those that effortlessly stretched forward, back, around and wide into pretzel shapes. It took me time to appreciate the benefits of being tight and now I constantly tell those that like to berate themselves for being tight to be proud!

Move your body – stepping back to step forward

Is housework boring? What if we revisit by examining the body’s movement during the related tasks. Motivated by Katy Bowman’s book, Move Your DNA, I took a step back to take a several steps forward.

The Strength Series

The Strength Series

While I thought running had made me strong, through yoga I discovered that I had only strong legs and endurance. Not entirely bad… but in spite of my mindless weights routine, my upper body and core were pathetic.