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16+ Years

It began in 2001 when I had completed the first year of my 2 year teacher training program. Having experienced how yoga had benefited my body issues, I was very keen to share it with the runners in my life.

Yin Yang

The Power of Yin/Yang

Some insight into a yin/yang yoga practice. The balance of a yang, dynamic, strengthening, muscle focused yoga and the complementary slow, static, deep effects of yin stretching. Both are good for the body, soul and mind!


Christmas Happiness

Christmas 2016 – a particularly happy time for no particular reason. Reflections on my favourite things this Christmas.


Yoga for Skiers?

Christine shares her experience with her ‘youngest’ clients! Two amazing boys, avid skiers and all-around athletes who are learning at a very young age about the benefits of yoga.


The Hi’s and Lo’s of Running

I owe a special thanks to Jennifer Adams-Hater from Kentucky. We’ve had an exchange over fb and she has so kindly agreed to share her story. I know that many of you can relate. Enjoy!


One Day Closer to Death….

The inspiration for this post comes from one of my students, Andrew, who made this simple comment after attending class.
“When I arrived I felt one day closer to death” (a quote from Pink Floyd’s song, Time) and now I feel one day closer to living”.

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Hamstrings & Social Media

Social media is a great way to create virtual communities. Through social media, and other available channels, Yoga for Runners has made it’s way into the lives of many globally. Christine shares one such example and helps Allison with her hamstring issue.


Retreat Reflections

Guest blogger: “I thought I was reasonably fit until I attended Christine’s yoga retreat for runners!” So begins Christine Bryce’s reflection on her experience at her first yoga for runners retreat.