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Retreaters having fun!

Why go to a Retreat?

Retreats have always held a special place in my heart – both as a student and as an instructor.

The Dangers of Hypermobility

Too Flexible

When I was new to yoga and super stiff from 20 years of only running, I would be so envious of those that effortlessly stretched forward, back, around and wide into pretzel shapes. It took me time to appreciate the benefits of being tight and now I constantly tell those that like to berate themselves for being tight to be proud!

Move your body – stepping back to step forward

Is housework boring? What if we revisit by examining the body’s movement during the related tasks. Motivated by Katy Bowman’s book, Move Your DNA, I took a step back to take a several steps forward.

The Strength Series

The Strength Series

While I thought running had made me strong, through yoga I discovered that I had only strong legs and endurance. Not entirely bad… but in spite of my mindless weights routine, my upper body and core were pathetic.

Yoga Teacher Training

Should I take yoga teacher training? Christine gives helpful tips to help you make a smart decision. If you have an interest/passion for working with athletic bodies, consider the one-of-a-kind Yoga for Runners Teacher Training.

Autumn – Happy or Sad?

Crisp air and clear sunny days are perfect running weather; farmers markets full of splendour and getting your body back into a routine.

Seated Pigeon

Hip Hip Hooray Challenge!

Welcome to the Hip Hip Hooray Challenge! We originally posted this challenge to our instagram account for you to increase hip range of motion, but we decided to add it to the blog to make sure those of you that missed out can still take part on your own time – just do the best you … Read more Hip Hip Hooray Challenge! »

Lotus Pose – What’s the big deal?

Sitting in lotus pose is a common image in the yoga world. What’s the big deal with this pose? Here I share my thoughts on this pose, my experience with it and what I witness in students.

Never stop learning…….

I love to teach yoga but I also love to be a student – learning from talented and deeply experienced instructors. Most recently I participated in two different trainings and so my mind is reeling with possibilities – for myself which of course will extend to my students. My mantra is, “you can be too flexible but not too strong”.