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16+ Years

It began in 2001 when I had completed the first year of my 2 year teacher training program. Having experienced how yoga had benefited my body issues, I was very keen to share it with the runners in my life.

Yin Yang

The Power of Yin/Yang

Some insight into a yin/yang yoga practice. The balance of a yang, dynamic, strengthening, muscle focused yoga and the complementary slow, static, deep effects of yin stretching. Both are good for the body, soul and mind!

The Hi’s and Lo’s of Running

I owe a special thanks to Jennifer Adams-Hater from Kentucky. We’ve had an exchange over fb and she has so kindly agreed to share her story. I know that many of you can relate. Enjoy!

Yoga for Runners Teacher Training

Teaching yoga to runners is a specialized skill that will maximize the benefit of time spent on the mat! Moreover, participants go through the paces and develop a deeper understanding of their own yoga practice.

A Student’s Perspective

Rhonda Johnson is a long time student who has run for 32 years – she is a now a devoted runner and yogi!! Here is her inspiring story….as well as the influence on her daughter, Jessalyn.

Yoga for Runners: A first timers reflection

Guest Blogger Sarah Rogers shares her experience at a first Yoga for Runners class.
I have practiced yoga for several years and I have been a runner since high school. I was intrigued by a yoga class specifically for runners. Read about my experience.

Yoga for Runners at Yoga Conference

Presenting at the Yoga Conference is an exciting annual event. A lot of planning goes into my workshops and 2016 offers some exciting new ones. Its great to meet new students – runners, yogis, teachers and always a delight to see the familiar ones that attend every year. See you there!

New Year – what’s different

The ringing in of a new year offers the opportunity to review the past and perhaps set intentions for the future. I am not into new year resolutions but I am into observing my patterns and looking for ruts! There is a fine line between routines and ruts. Yoga offers the opportunity to observe ourselves on the mat – both our body and our mind. In fact, the opportunity to study and observe our minds is more profound and offers greater benefits than the physical ones that are also deep and powerful.

Running for Yogis ??

Many yogis, dedicated solely to their yoga mats, are discovering the joys of running – thus the moniker Running for Yogis!! David Good is one such yogi and shares his experience in this guest blog.

Healthy Hamstrings

Healthy hamstrings are essential to healthy running. Healthy hamstrings require the upper and lower portion of the hamstring muscles to be stretched. If you are in the habit of bending your legs when stretching the hamstrings, reconsider.