CHATURANGA (aka the yoga push up)

Without question this is the most difficult yoga pose facing most students. Done correctly – that is engagement of the needed musculature in upper body and appropriately supported by the torso – this can be an amazing strengthening pose. For many students, however it can lead to trouble when not done correctly.

This workshop is appropriate for those new to yoga and for those interested in perking up their upper body awareness to build greater strength. We will deconstruct this pose from top to bottom and practice a wide range of exercises to build strength, stability and mobility.

• scapular stabilization needed to do build appropriate strength
• shoulder joint mobility and rotator cuff strength
• hand, wrist, arm strength exercises needed for load bearing
• role of the core and legs in supporting the pose
• how to regress the pose to target greater strength
• moving from plank to chaturanga with greater ease

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