Guest Feature: What Makes a Quality Yoga Teacher Training?

Yoga Teacher Training GroupGillian completed the 2013 Teacher Training Program that I directed for a number of years. In addition to being responsible for the syllabus, I taught a significant number of hours covering topics of asana, deconstruction and analysis; teaching skills and an intro to hands-on-adjusting. Gillian stood out as being authentic with a fairly clear concept of her future as a yoga instructor. One of my main goals when leading a fundamentals training program is to help light the road to continuous learning. Put another way… enough knowledge to start your teaching career with a good appreciation for the depth and that the learning offered is just scratching the surface. Never stop being a yoga student and never stop learning is the mantra!

Gillian Buckley reading a book by the windowIt has been so delightful watching Gillian’s growth as a yoga instructor and leader in her community. Her passion for yoga and positively touching the lives of those in her community make me beyond proud. This blog is indicative of her critical thinking skills, desire to share her experience and the solid underpinnings of fabulous instructor. I am so proud that I had a small part in launching her yoga career and even prouder of her critical thinking skills and desire to continue learning.

I can say that I lead by example and after teaching for close to 20 years, there is nothing I like better than to be a student. The last 2 years have been a whirlwind of mind blowing study for me, as you know if you have taken my classes. The yoga world is changing, for those that are open to challenging dogma, and introducing these concepts to fresh minds has had stupendous results. I will be revamping my training and relaunching in 2020… stay tuned.

Read Gillian’s blog post: What Makes a Quality Yoga Teacher Training?

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