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Social media comes under a lot of criticism and I can certainly see where it’s use is inappropriate.  However it also serves a great purpose ….. namely to create virtual communities where information can be shared.

web small croppedI love my work and social media has done wonders to introduce it to a global community. Running is a sport loved by many around the world and where there are runners there is a need for ”yoga for runners”.  Thanks to Amazon, my US distributor, internet and social media, my dvds and book have made their way into many runners’ homes. Recently my book was translated into Spanish so the reach has broadened.

From time to time I receive feedback from one such individual, be it in the form of an email or fb message. Here is one I received recently, from Allison:

The Yoga for Runners intermediate is by far my fave Yoga dvd. I have a strained Cover_Front_Only MARSHALhamstring just below my glute and I was wondering if there are any other yoga poses to stretch it out. Any help would be appreciated.

My response to Allison

Hi Allison:

Sorry to hear about your hamstring strain. Hamstring stretching can be tricky especially for those of us with tight ones! You may be overstretching – meaning that you are going too deeply into the stretch, especially in standing poses. When stretching the hamstrings you need to target the belly of the muscle so that is where the stretch should be felt. When the muscles fibres are tight and we stretch beyond where the muscle can go, the strain will go into the tendon – which attaches the hamstring muscles to the sitting bones which is where you are feeling the pain.

It is a very common issue both with tight and overly flexible people. I would say back up all the hamstring stretching you are doing and be sure you feel the stretch in the right place and not aggravate the tendon. The supine hamstring stretch is safer than standing forward bends. The chapter in my book on hamstrings will also be helpful.

Delighted you are using and loving the dvd. Don’t hesitate to let me know if I can help further.

And with Allison’s permission, here she is doing the sport she loves!

What questions do you have?

Allison Avoledo

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