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I officially became a ‘senior’ this past February and mostly slid through it painlessly. However I did falter for some time to reflect on how ‘old’ I thought 65 was when I was much younger. It has however given me cause to evaluate the process of aging and in particular it’s effects on people’s minds and bodies.

I constantly laugh among our friends about how conversation inevitably leads to our list of ailments: my back; my bowels; my knees; my hips; my memory…..etc. There is also general consensus that quality of life is more important than how long we live. So how do we maintain quality of life?

First and foremost, I believe, is our mobility. That is, can we walk easily; can we sit and stand up with ease; are we afraid of falling; do we restrict our movement by telling ourselves that we can’t do something any more; are we focusing on what we ‘used to’ be able to do rather than what we want to keep doing?

After running solely for 20 years and then practicing yoga solely for 20 years I came to the sad realization that my body was not balanced due to the overuse of some muscles and the under-use of others. Take a look at this article for my story.

This has also led me to the realization that there are many ways to maintain mobility, strength and vibrancy at all ages. I have thus created my 65plusStrong concept where I profile people 65+ years that are animated, sparkle with life and that have maintained their fitness level in their own unique way.

I am delighted to launch this by introducing Kay Yardley. I met Kay earlier this year when she attended my YfR retreat and was immediately impressed by her fitness level, spirit and energy. I then had the pleasure of spending a week with her when she attended by retreat in Italy which served to impress me further and became the inception for this idea.

Kay is a highly experienced and knowledgeable physiotherapist who for many years helped clients recover from injury while encouraging them to remain active. She is a fabulous role model who walks her talk and loves to moves her body in many ways.

“Embracing graceful aging is not enough… demand more of your body to maintain function and mobility”, Kay Yardley. Watch this short video to learn about Kay’s philosophy.

Following our interview Kay mentioned that she was curious whether she was still able to do a cartwheel. And so she did… beautifully…

There are numerous benefits to maintaining strength and mobility through lives. Who doesn’t want to be able to get on the ground to play with their grandchildren……. here Kay practices her meditation while giving her grandchildren a human model to play with.

You are not doomed to deteriorate with age. Be inspired…… be inspiring…….. be playful. 65+Strong

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2 comments on “Introducing: 65plusStrong

  1. What an inspiration…both of you. I’m not far behind – 61 this year. So I look forward to following this blog and continuing to be inspired. Namaste.

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