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    Best Health Magazine
    Live Your Best Life

  • Green Living - Aging Gracefully Through Yoga

    Green Living Show Blog
    Aging Gracefully Through Yoga Practice

  • Women's Magazine 25 Best Workout DVDs for Getting in Shape: Yoga for Runners, The Essentials

    Women’s Day Magazine
    25 of the Best Workout DVDs for Getting in Shape – Yoga for Runners: The Essentials

  • 2017

  • Sweat Equity Magazine April/May 2017

    Sweat Equity Magazine
    The Elixir of Youth & Aging Gracefully – 12 Reasons To Do Yoga

  • Sweat Equity feature special edition 2017

    Sweat Equity Magazine
    Vrksasana Tree Pose

  • Optimyze Magazine 2017

    Optimyze Magazine
    Stretch for Strength

  • yoga-conf-2016-thumb

    Toronto Yoga Conference
    Why One Yoga Teacher Ditched a 20 Year Running Practice for Yoga

  • Canadian Running

    Canadian Running Magazine
    Fascia Fitness Article

  • Healing Yoga

    Healing Yoga
    Guest Appearance

  • 2016

  • Rodale's Organic Life

    Rodale’s Organic Life
    Are Yogis Or Runners Healthier?

  • sweat-equity-2016

    Sweat Equity Magazine
    6 Postures To Get You Back In The Race

  • yoga-conf-press

    The Yoga Conference 2016
    Christine Felstead

  • womansday-jan2016

    Woman’s Day
    20 of the Best Fitness DVDs for Getting in Shape

  • 2015

  • impact-thumb

    Impact Magazine
    Yo Runner Try Yoga

  • 2014

  • kmag-thumb

    Book Reference

  • optimyz

    Book Review

  • crm-aug2014

    Canadian Running Magazine
    Book Review

  • runningmag-june2014

    Running Fitness Mag
    Strengthen Your Stride

  • multisportcanada-t

    Multisports Canada
    Book of the Month: Yoga For Runners

  • covetgarden-t

    Covet Garden
    Eclectic Company Reading list (p.27)

  • sweat-equity-2014

    Sweat Equity Magazine
    Yoga for Runners Book Review

  • press-star

    The Toronto Star
    Use yoga to prevent running injuries

  • 2013

  • racefit

    Racefit Workout

  • examiner-oct2013
    Strengthen your stride with Yoga for Runners and Pilates for Runners

  • womansday-t

    Woman’s Day
    10 Best Fitness DVDs

  • runforit-t

    La Petite Blog
    Run for it!

  • fit-bottomed-girls-review-thumb

    Fit Bottomed Girls
    Review of Yoga for Runners: Intermediate Program

  • sweat-equity-jan2013

    Sweat Equity Magazine
    Running Cross-fit and yoga

  • 2012

  • press-besthealth

    Best Health
    6 anti-aging yoga poses to keep you young

  • nationalpost-mar2012

    National Post
    Knack for the future: 3D gait analysis is on the cusp of redefining your run

  • edmonton

    Hit the ground running with Yoga for Runners

  • nationalpost-apr2012

    National Post
    Yoga for Runners

  • 2011

  • nowmagazine-july2011

    Now Magazine
    Running Wild

  • press-irunbecauseican-t

    I Run Because I Can
    Yoga For Runners Review

  • press-findyourbalance-t

    Health & Fitness UK
    Find Your Balance

  • press-healthynomics-t

    Yoga for Runners: Stay Injury Free, Improve Performance and Lung Capacity

  • press-irun-t

    iRun Magazine
    Loosen up! Cross-train with yoga for runners

  • 2010

  • press-womenshealth2-t

    Women’s Health Magazine
    Yoga For Runners

  • press-runnersarentposers-t

    Dick’s Sporting Goods
    Runners Aren’t Posers

  • press-doublethefun-t

    Yoga Journal
    Double the Fun

  • press-hip-t

    Can-Fit Pro
    Hip Flexors (PDF)

  • press-womensday-t

    Woman’s Day
    Top Ten Best DVDs

  • 2009 and earlier

    Canadian Running Article, September & October 2009 (PDF)

    A Healthy Balance, Library Journal, September 1, 2009 (PDF)

    Yoga For Runners Coverage in Women’s Running Magazine, August 21, 2009 (PDF)

    Runners Dude Blog: Yoga for Runners DVD Review, March 24, 2009

    Stretch Your Limit: 5 Essential Yoga Stretches for Runners (, June 2008)

    All About Sprints Blog (, October 30, 2008)

    Fit Sugar: Yoga For Runners DVD Review (, October 3 2008)

    Yoga helps reduce runners’ pain (article appeared in several dailies across Canada, 2008) (PDF)

    Yoga and Running – The Perfect Marriage (article in Yoga and Pilates Studio Guide 2007) (PDF)

    Hamstring Harmony (article in Yoga Fit Magazine, February 2007) (PDF)

    A Review of Christine Felstead’s Yoga for Runners™ DVD the essentials (PDF)