Runner’s Knee

This is a great article to describe the causes of the overly common Runner’s Knee injuries. It is important to note that a balanced yoga practice, specifically suited to the needs of runners, has helped countless people recover from knee injuries as described and, more importantly, has helped countless more avoid such injuries. A balanced yoga practice will:

  • Stretch the quadriceps to avoid compressing the knee joint
  • Strengthen the inner quadriceps (vastus medialis)
  • Stretch and strengthen the hamstrings

What is not mentioned in the article but is also key in avoiding knee injury are listed below. Once again, a balanced yoga practice deals with these aspects also.

  • Strengthening the gluteus muscles, gluteus medius in particular
  • Strengthening the core
  • Strengthening the upper body so the spine can be maintained in proper alignment while running and throughout daily activities

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