Christine Felstead’s Yoga for Runners™ ‏Teacher Training Program

Become a Qualified Yoga for Runners Instructor – A unique program designed around the needs of the athletic body

YACEP  E-RYT500  This program is eligible for Yoga Alliance continued education credits

‏Specializing in yoga for sport performance athletes, runners and sports teams, the Yoga for Runners teacher training program allows graduates to offer this specialty program and range of workshop opportunities in a market niche. With both yoga and running at heightened popularity, combining the two practices creates a formidable program, increasing teachers’ revenue potential. Graduates of this program are now instructing Yoga for Runners classes all over Canada, the US and Europe.

‏Christine is the leading authority on teaching yoga to runners and endurance athletes. Since her first workshop in 2002, she has had the pleasure of working with thousands of runners across Canada and internationally, through workshops and teacher trainings, and reached countless others with her instructional DVDs and book (now translated into Spanish). This training program covers the subtleties of teaching yoga to runners in a way that creates challenge, physical benefits and motivation.

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‏Program Overview

‏The core of this training uses yoga to enhance physical performance and aid in injury recovery and prevention. The full program is divided into two three-day modules, each including both instruction and yoga practice. Between modules, participants are expected to continue with self-study in anatomy, personal yoga practice and student teaching. Recommended guidelines for self-study will be provided.

The Yoga for Runners Teacher Training covers:

  • The correlations and benefits of Yoga for Runners
  • Examination of the mechanics of running and effects on the related muscles and joints
  • Anatomical benefits of particular poses, proper alignment and modifications for each pose
  • Hands on adjustments
  • Teaching experience
  • Creating, marketing and promoting a local Yoga for Runners program

 Program Requirements

‏To become fully certified as a Yoga For Runners™ instructor, students must complete the following:

  • Anatomy: Functional anatomy of muscles and joints used while running will be covered in the training modules. Continued self-study to deepen knowledge is also required. Recommended readings and texts will be given.
  • Yoga for Runners™ Module 1: Foundations, Spine, Feet, Ankles, Core, Upper Body
  • Yoga for Runners™ Module 2: Hamstrings, Hip Flexors, Hips, Knees
  • Personal Yoga Practice
  • Student Teaching Hours


  • Anatomy: Self Study
  • Yoga for Runners™ Module 1: 22 hours
  • Yoga for Runners™ Module 2: 22 hours
  • Personal yoga practice, vinyasa based 20 hours (minimum of fourteen 90 minute classes)
  • Student Teaching Hours 20 hours

2021 DATES – two 3 day week-ends
Module 1: TBA
Module 2: TBA

Mindful BodyWorks Yoga Studio
1278 St. Clair Ave. West, 2nd Floor, Unit 14
Toronto (west of Dufferin St.)

Course fees include 6 in-class full day training sessions and a comprehensive training manual

  • Yoga for Runners™ pricing: TBA
  • A $300 deposit is required with application to secure a place in each module. Deposit is non-refundable within 30 days of the training dates and 50% refundable if cancelled earlier.‏
  • Course Materials
  • Learning Aids: Yoga for Runners™ DVDs, Beginner & Intermediate: $20
  • Anatomy Book: $45

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“Huge AHA – the importance of strengthening weak components in the body for overall strength and wellness.  An amazing inspiration to get to know my own body better – hello, hips and hip flexors!”

“Before I’d even finished Christine’s Yoga for Runners teacher training program I was approached by running stores and groups hoping that I would come teach their runners.”

“The course itself was impeccably clear and organized. With a detailed manual and six days of onsite training I felt fully prepared to address the specific physical and mental needs of runners.”

“Christine has distilled her years of experience as a runner and yoga instructor into a course that is both illuminating and down-to-earth.”

“The manual is an indispensable resource.”

“Christine’s passion really shines through in her teaching and also in her willingness to help others’ reach their potential.”

“This program is not only for runners or yogis.  Its for anyone who wants to move in the most functional way possible.  BUT if you are a runner, it will help to stay injury free and extend your running life. “

“Great course! I feel far more confident in the anatomical foundation of the poses and very inspired to continue learning and developing in these areas.”

“The primary benefit of this training has been the integration of anatomy, poses, benefits and hot to properly teach the poses to obtain those benefits. Great pace, great use of resources. The course and material are thoughtfully prepared and organized.”

“My greatest AHA moment from this training is how strengthening yoga can be when you are doing the poses properly. This knowledge will make me a better teacher. My only regret is not having taken this training sooner! After 10 years of practicing I now know my body so much better. Every yoga teacher or anyone with yoga as part of their life, should take this training. I love how Christine looks at the body as a connected system and that yoga should be done safely so our bodies will stay healthy as we age.”

“As a long time runner and someone who thought I had a reasonable understanding of yoga after practicing for a period of time. I found this course eye-opening and inspiring. I’m looking forward to deepening my yoga practice and improving my running with the information I’ve gleaned.”

“This training made me aware that although I have been practicing yoga for years – there was a lot of room for improvement. The detailed review of the poses with anatomy overlay brought new awareness to both the alignment and structural aspect of poses that I had been doing inefficiently for years. “The tissue that holds us together also pulls us apart”. I loved this realization!”


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How many times per year is Teacher Training offered?
Training is one of a kind and is only offered once per year.

Who is this program for?
The training is suitable for devoted runners wanting to learn more about how yoga can make them stronger runners, running coaches, personal trainers wanting to aid their clients with skillful yoga sequences, yoga instructors wanting to improve their knowledge, expertise and marketability, fitness professionals.

What will I learn in this Teacher Training?
Yoga for Runners Teacher Training focuses heavily on alignment. Only through proper alignment and movement direction can the full benefits of poses be experienced. Learning to align in your own body as well as how to cue for your students.

Can I take this program if I’m injured?
Absolutely – there is no doubt you will learn how to use yoga to help recover from injury. Unless it’s an acute type of injury, it likely caused by an muscular imbalance. We learn to teach yoga first by learning about our own bodies, what is strong, weak, tight. This is the foundation for the best type of applied learning and the start of a dedicated yoga practice.


For More Information:

‏For more information, email or call 416 452-8760


‏Please note Christine Felstead’s Yoga for Runners™ Teacher Training Program hourly requirements, course material and fees are subject to change without notice.