• “In your intermediate practice DVD you remind us to breathe when in a challenging pose and to always return our focus to the breath. I love that and use it all the time. In a recent run, I had a huge hill near the end of my 14k and all I did was focus on my breath. Before I knew it, I was at the top. Thank you for making me a better runner… and person. I also return to my breath when I feel like I might blow a gasket with my kids. ”
    – Lisa Peirce

  • “Christine, your beginner DVD has helped me tremendously, thank you! When I got it in the mail, the doctor just told me to stay off the road for 6 – 12 weeks, because of problems with my ankle ligaments. I was very upset… I could not even sit in cross-legged position or in hero pose in the beginning… I was limping everywhere… However, after two weeks of practising your program religiously, I am running again without any pain or swelling!”
    – Anna Varhegyi Gregory

  • “You clearly have a great grasp on the subtleties of teaching runners, and all of that resonates deeply with my own beliefs and observations. As well your passion for what you do comes across with conviction.”
    – Henry Ferguson, Edmonton, Alberta

  • “The Yoga for Runners Teacher Training was very specific to what I could expect to see in the runner population. For example the attention to anatomy and specific injuries or issues has been invaluable. At the same time, Christine’s knowledge is very well rooted in principles of traditional yoga. The delivery of the course content was organized and perfectly synchronized with the very comprehensive manual that was provided, to which I often referred back to. I especially appreciated the course section on business and marketing aspects of teaching Yoga for Runners. I will easily be able to create a market niche in my community and present myself confidently with a legitimate, coveted specialty.”
    – Laurisa Dill, Toronto, Ontario

  • “Christine’s warmth and ability to reach the ‘learning’ part of me was inspirational. Her combination of personality and hands-on experience as a runner and yogi commanded my respect whilst she motivated me to exceed my training goals and achieve an higher level of competency than I thought possible. The well crafted manual included in the course has been very useful, providing me with often used touchstone to my training. I wholly recommend Christine’s ‘Yoga for Runners’ training to anyone.”
    – Nicola Cantley, London, England

  • “The weekend offers everything you could possibly want; amazing yoga classes in a beautiful studio; pastoral scenery; wonderful food; fabulous hosts; all the running/walking you want to do; plenty of time to relax and chat with good friends. I have brought both my sister my best friend and rave about it to anyone who will listen”
    – Emma Fellowes

  • “No matter how jangled, harried or stressed I might feel when I arrive on Friday night, by Sunday afternoon I feel centred, calm and happy.”
    – Sarah Dewar

  • “Christine’s Yoga for Runners retreat weekend is like going to a spa for the weekend… the yoga is amazing, … the setting inviting and relaxing… you can be as active or inactive as you please… there is something for everybody… and I do keep coming back!!!”
    – Toni Haddrall

  • “I love the retreat because it is like going home. You always feel so welcome to begin with. Then all the returning friends make it that much more special. It is very relaxin, a treat to the senses and of course the yoga that is specifically designed for us.”
    – Wendy Hangar

  • “I suffered a spinal injury in 2001 and was in and out of physio and massage therapy. After six weeks of Christine’s classes I experienced a marked improvement in my back and neck. My flexibility has increased and my pain has been reduced. I have ben able to increase the length and intensity of my runs without pain. It’s so amazing to me that after five years of pain, six weeks made so huge a difference. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in improving their running and overall health.”
    – Maggie McDonald

  • “Christine’s Yoga for Runners series was one of the most enjoyable yoga events I’ve done. I looked forward to every night and Christine has a gift for creating a relaxed, comfortable and fun atmosphere. I understand why people keep coming back!”
    – Nancy Collett

  • “Thanks so much for introducing me to a Yoga that is geared to my needs. I am not just talking about the actual yoga poses, but the atmosphere, patience and easy going vibe that your classes have. You understand how yoga benefits runners and that is what you do. Your class is like a greatest hits album that has only the greatest hits. Your understanding of yoga as a supplement to our running is the key to making the classes so beneficial and special to me. You are a great teacher that really understands her students.”
    – Phil Block-Verk

  • “I’ve been running since the 1980s, getting more stiff and inflexible with each passing year. But I’ve never been able to get into a routine of stretching. Something clicked with Christine’s Yoga for Runners series. She has developed a yoga practice that builds flexibility in the hips and hamstrings while also reaching the often-forgotten upper body. I actually feel lighter with regular yoga practice. I won’t be joining the Cirque du Soleil anytime soon, but I no longer feel like a cardboard box when I get up each morning.”
    – Kate Bell

  • “Yoga was the best thing I could have done to help my post-marathon recovery. The class the day after the marathon was challenging but it left me feeling ‘almost normal’ and able to do stairs!”
    – Andrea Thompson

  • “I was attending Christine’s Yoga for Runners classes regularly this past winter in conjunction with marathon training. I am convinced that this has made a difference in my running and I was able to run a PB at Boston this year.”
    – Gerry Besworth

  • “I attribute my full recovery from an ACL reconstruction to the practice of Yoga. As a key part of my rehab, it helped me get back on the road in less than 8 months and, after years of dismissing yoga, turned me into a real believer!”
    – Carmine Filice

  • “I have been running since 1979 so that’s many years of pounding the pavement. The benefits that Christine’s Yoga for Runners has given me have been almost immediate. When I leave the office in the evening for my run home I now feel loose and flexible so that the run is much more enjoyable. Gone is the tightness and laboured gait in the early part of the run, which I used to experience.”
    – David Adbee

  • I recently purchased Yoga for Runners. I knew about the book for awhile but after reading a review in Canadian Running magazine, I bought it. I have been doing static stretching for over 10 years and my routine was becoming rather stale. That is until I got your Yoga for Runners book. And I am glad I bought it. Some of the stretches I have been doing are rooted in Yoga. It has rejuvenated my static stretching routine. I have never done Yoga but I am learning with the help of Yoga for Runners. The Yoga routine I do (Weekly Overall Tune-up for now) flows so seamlessly. Don’t know why I did not try yoga years ago. Thank you for writing this book!
    – Phil Renaud