The Strength Series – Summary

The Strength SeriesThe Strength Series follows Christine on her journey to improve her strength, her yoga, and her overall lifestyle. 

Her story covers her discovery that only yoga wasn’t making her strong in the right places and her journey through what she’s learned and continues to learn.  Her mantra, you can be too flexible but not too strong is the basis of her exploration.  Especially so as one ages so follow along as she opens up and talks about where this new path focused on strength is taking her. 

The Strength Series from start to present:
The Strength Series (Introduction) »
Wendi the Wonder Woman »
Ask Anyone Who Has Taken My Teacher Training… »
Move Your Body – Stepping Back to Step Forward »
Downward Dog – Wake it up! »
Planking – Love It or Hate It »
Chaturanga – A Lesson in Strength »
Learning How to Mobilize the Shoulders »
Jumping »
Too Flexible »

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