The Strength Series

poppiesStrengthening has always been one of my favourite aspects of yoga – thus I was drawn to ashtanga. While I thought running had made me strong, through yoga I discovered that I had only strong legs and endurance. Not entirely bad… but in spite of my mindless weights routine, my upper body and core were pathetic.

In the coming weeks I will post my experience with the strength aspect of yoga. My favourite poses and ones I sucked at… what I did well and not so well. It took me many years with yoga and stepping into other disciplines to figure things out. Maybe you are a lucky one that has this body intelligence already. I sure didn’t and perhaps my experience will help you. Please share your insights and experiences as we go.

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2 comments on “The Strength Series

  1. I’m still running (more of a walk/run) at 65 yrs old, but definitely suffering from weak upper body and core. Looking forward to this strength aspect.

    1. Hi Catherine
      Keeping a strong upper body and core is essential as we age. We want to walk tall and with confidence until the end. I encourage you to incorporate some strength work.


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