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RECIPE: Lemon Blueberry Ricotta Pound Cake

Sharing my recipe for this delicious treat. After posting my pic I had many requests for the recipe – so here it is. Wild blueberries are still available so enjoy.

Vacations to Recharge

Vacations are good for the soul and needed to recharge the batteries. Maintaining your fitness routine while away can be challenging – so mix things up. Walking paths are unlimited.


Christmas for me is about tradition and one of my favourites is baking. Spending time in the kitchen is a type of meditation for me. Playing Christmas tunes, enjoying the lights on the tree, being with myself and creating my specialty – BISCOTTI! They are simple to make, delicious and enjoyed by all. Here I share my favourite recipe. I find that family traditions are the antidote to the stresses that come from our otherwise fast-paced and go-go-go world. It’s comforting to have a few constants in your life.