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A list of resources for Yoga for Runners

Staying Healthy and On the Road*

Ask any runner if he or she stretches and occasionally you’ll run across one that says, “yes, I stretch after all my runs”. However, most will bashfully comment, “I know I should but..”.

Hamstrings – The Bane of Runners

Have you ever experienced shooting sharp pain up the back of your thigh, into the sitting bone while walking, running or sitting? If so, you may be surprised to discover that this may be attributed to overly tight hamstrings.

Speeding the Recovery Process: A Runner’s Guide

Recovery is the process through which the body returns to normal functioning after some sort of stress. In the case of running, recovery means the time it takes to get your brain, body, and your muscles functioning in the same way as they were before your practice or race.

An Athlete’s Yoga Journal

In the summer of 2003, I taught a few yoga sessions in a small town in mid-western Ontario, Markdale. It was a hatha style of yoga class. Yoga was a new experience for most of the participants.

Runner’s Knee

This is a great article to describe the causes of the overly common Runner’s Knee injuries.