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The Hi’s and Lo’s of Running

I owe a special thanks to Jennifer Adams-Hater from Kentucky. We’ve had an exchange over fb and she has so kindly agreed to share her story. I know that many of you can relate. Enjoy!

Hamstrings & Social Media

Social media is a great way to create virtual communities. Through social media, and other available channels, Yoga for Runners has made it’s way into the lives of many globally. Christine shares one such example and helps Allison with her hamstring issue.

Yoga for Runners: A first timers reflection

Guest Blogger Sarah Rogers shares her experience at a first Yoga for Runners class.
I have practiced yoga for several years and I have been a runner since high school. I was intrigued by a yoga class specifically for runners. Read about my experience.

Shin Splints

You have had a great season of running, racing and pushing your limits. But there has been a nagging pain in the front of your lower leg (shin) that you hoped would go away.