Retreat Reflections

Thank you to guest blogger:  Christine Bryce

I thought I was reasonably fit until I attended Christine’s yoga retreat for runners!

Chris BryceI am in my early 60’s and my goal is to remain healthy so I may enjoy life without any physical restrictions. I have been running for 2 years and, in combination with Pilates, believed that I was obtaining an overall balance of exercise. In the first yoga session, it became apparent that this wasn’t the case. While my core and endurance are strong, I realized that my flexibility is limited which is key to reducing risk of injury.

I liked Christine’s approach because she didn’t just describe the poses and direct us how to perform each. She explained why each was beneficial and how the body worked within the context of that pose. She discussed typical runner’s ailments and why these would improve with a weekly yoga practice. Christine provided individual coaching throughout the yoga sessions, as needed.

stretching our hamstrings and IT band

I found the workshop, focusing on tightness in neck and shoulders, particularly helpful because most of us spend too much time hunched over a laptop or texting on a phone resulting in stiffness. Christine provided simple exercises that can be practiced on a daily basis to alleviate this problem.

The retreat was held at the Lotus Heart Centre in Brighton, Ontario. It is a beautiful location surrounded by rolling hills, trails for hiking as well as a salt-water swimming pool. It was a relaxing environment and an ideal facility for a retreat. While yoga was the focus, there was time to run, swim, hike, bike, visit the local town or simply sit in a comfortable chair and read. Christine is very accessible and there were plenty of opportunities for a one on one chat.

healthy nourishment

This was my first time attending Christine’s weekend retreat and it was the perfect blend of physical activity, socializing and meditative down time. There was a great mix of people with different interests and we connected via our common goal for health and fitness. The retreat was fun, educational and a great motivator to kick-start a yoga program!

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